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About patch 5.4

Posted on by Trebonius

Hi guys

As you know, patch 5.4 deleted the "arena teams". You know have to be in a party with the guys you want ot arena with, and that's it. That's cool.

There is a MAJOR drawback with this feature : it destroys arena traceability. In fact, now, from an external point of view, you cannot know anymore who plays with who in arena.

Thus you cannot create neither any arena team ranking, nor comp ranking anymore :(

Thus, I'll have to make those two sections disappear.

I know that it was some of the favorite features of you, guys. But as you understand, I didn't have the choice.

I posted on the official forum a few weeks ago about this upcoming problem, and I got no answer.

So, if any of you have an idea about how to get those data again, please post a comment or an email to trebonius@worldofwargraphs.com

And if there are some devs from Blizzard reading this message (I know you do guys), please, make some arena matches history appear in the API.

Thanks for reading, and have a good day Trebonius


O why not through Oqueue since everyone is using it and it's familliared with it :D give it a go :D hehehe

I've got an Idea, since blizzard removed that feature, why not fix the problem like we allways do, with an Addon integrated ith gladius or something like that that will keep track of your matches results and rating of everyone and putted it online.

I am rank 1 everywhere.

Rsham *.*

Hpal, the very best heal in v2

the best gladiator holy pally pvp 5.4

This was the best feature imo, in one way its not to be able to mix it up and try diferent comps without losing your 'team rating'. such a sham that it removes this feature though

What a shame to be honest ^^

Going to be honest, this really sucks, as this was literally all I used this site for... Not that it isn't a useful site, but this was my personal use for it, and now it's gone. Way to go Blizzard.

I wish Blizz would have given us pvpers the OPTION to have teams instead of taking them out completely.

Yeah I'd like to check previous arena comps too

could you atleast put the previous seasons comps? just something to base stuff off of

Maybe you may use personal rating now? I was really disappointed without PvP statistics.

aw, that was my fav section! :(
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