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Legion update

Posted on 05 Aug 2016 by Trebonius

Hi guys

I've received quite a lot of mails regarding what will happen on the website with Legion, when data will be updated...

I'll definitly keep the website up and running in Legion (and until the death of WoW :p). The thing is, since we are now at patch 7.0, there is no really a current "raid tier" imo, and a current "pvp season", as long as the patch has not been actually released.
So I decided to pause the data updates of the website until end of August.

When the extension will be released, as soon as the first raid tier will be unlocked, the data updates will start again

If you have any question / suggestion regarding this or any thing else, please shout me an email:

Thanks !


I noticed over the years of using this site.. the the trolls was Best PvE race.. But since so many new/old Players play/switched to BE.. it now say BE are the "Best PvE race"
that isn't true IMO.. I still believe Trolls are "best PvE race"
You should change it to "most played race" ..
BE as "best PvE race"? what a joke..
nice site to use tho.. thanks :)

When you start upgrading? Raid and PvP season are on. :) Thx
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