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PvE Shadow Priests builds & glyphs

Last Database Update : - Players with 2/20 or more bosses killed in Mythic mode (T19)

Talents details

Twist of Fate Twist of Fate (96.3%) Fortress of the Mind Fortress of the Mind (3.45%) Shadow Word: Void Shadow Word: Void (0.25%)
Mania Mania (1.71%) Body and Soul Body and Soul (97.46%) Masochism Masochism (0.83%)
Mind Bomb Mind Bomb (93.01%) Psychic Voice Psychic Voice (6.18%) Dominant Mind Dominant Mind (0.81%)
Lingering Insanity Lingering Insanity (80.79%) Reaper of Souls Reaper of Souls (16.84%) Void Ray Void Ray (2.36%)
San'layn San'layn (72.99%) Auspicious Spirits Auspicious Spirits (24.74%) Shadowy Insight Shadowy Insight (2.26%)
Power Infusion Power Infusion (74.75%) Misery Misery (21.12%) Mindbender Mindbender (4.13%)
Legacy of the Void Legacy of the Void (85.75%) Shadow Crash Shadow Crash (7.42%) Surrender to Madness Surrender to Madness (6.83%)

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