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Last Database Update : 24 Mar 2015

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PvP Classes distribution

Last Database Update : - Players with 1800 rating or higher - 823,573 players in the database


Class / Spec
% (1800+) % (Level 100)
PriestDisciplineDiscipline Priest9.5%3%
DruidRestorationRestoration Druid9.3%3.7%
WarriorArmsArms Warrior7.6%2.8%
Death KnightFrostFrost Death Knight6.4%3.7%
RogueCombatCombat Rogue5.6%2.7%
PaladinRetributionRetribution Paladin5.3%5.6%
HunterSurvivalSurvival Hunter5.2%4.4%
HunterBeast MasteryBeast Mastery Hunter4.7%5%
DruidFeralFeral Druid4.4%2.8%
WarlockAfflictionAffliction Warlock4.3%1.9%
DruidBalanceBalance Druid4.1%3.2%
ShamanRestorationRestoration Shaman4%3.1%
PriestShadowShadow Priest4%3.7%
MageFrostFrost Mage3.7%3.4%
PaladinHolyHoly Paladin3.4%2.9%
MonkMistweaverMistweaver Monk3%1.4%
RogueSubtletySubtlety Rogue2.8%2%
WarriorFuryFury Warrior2%4%
Death KnightUnholyUnholy Death Knight1.4%2%
HunterMarskmanshipMarskmanship Hunter1.2%4.1%
MonkWindwalkerWindwalker Monk1.2%2.6%
ShamanElementalElemental Shaman1%3%
ShamanEnhancementEnhancement Shaman1%1.7%
MageFireFire Mage0.6%1.9%
PriestHolyHoly Priest0.6%1.8%
Death KnightBloodBlood Death Knight0.5%3.5%
RogueAssassinationAssassination Rogue0.5%1.8%
WarlockDestructionDestruction Warlock0.5%3.4%
PaladinProtectionProtection Paladin0.5%3.1%
WarriorProtectionProtection Warrior0.5%3.8%
WarlockDemonologyDemonology Warlock0.4%2.3%
MonkBrewmasterBrewmaster Monk0.4%1.5%
DruidGuardianGuardian Druid0.3%1.6%
MageArcaneArcane Mage0.2%2.6%
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Classes distribution against rating

Classes distribution history


you should add glad eater stance warriors to Pvp and pve although rant they the same as protection but no threat gain,.
Random guy

is this damage for Pvp

If you don't like it/it's not good enough.

Make one better!

Really helpful, thank you Trebonius

Would be amazing if you could get from 2000+ rather than 2200+.

Also add sort by 2400+ , 2600 , 2800 , rating and 6+ bosses etc.

Hey Trebonius,

I'm a big fan of you website, it's simply fantastic. I use it frequently especially regarding PvP.

There is a feature I really would love to see additionally to all the graphs you already have. I think it would be possible with your database to plot a graph showing the number of players depending on PvP rating. So on the x axis there would be the rating, on y axis the number of players at that rating.

I think this graph would help a lot of people to judge there own achievements by seeing how many players are better or worse in rating. Right now the rating alone is somewhat imprecise and "magic".

It would even be nicer if this graph could be adjusted to show only selected class/spec as you did for the other PvP graphs, instead of showing all players.

What do you think? Is that a feature you would add to your homepage?

Thanks for you time and for you great website,
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