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Last Database Update : 01 Oct 2015

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PvE Classes distribution

Last Database Update : - Players with 1/13 or more bosses killed in Mythic mode (T18)


Class / Spec
% (1+ boss) % (Level 100)
HunterMarskmanshipMarskmanship Hunter12.1%4.5%
MageFrostFrost Mage5.3%3.7%
PaladinRetributionRetribution Paladin5.1%5.3%
WarriorFuryFury Warrior5.1%4%
DruidBalanceBalance Druid5%3%
WarlockDestructionDestruction Warlock4.9%3.5%
PriestDisciplineDiscipline Priest4.3%3%
PriestShadowShadow Priest4%3.8%
DruidRestorationRestoration Druid4%3.5%
PaladinHolyHoly Paladin3.9%2.8%
MageArcaneArcane Mage3.6%2.8%
ShamanRestorationRestoration Shaman3.5%3.1%
Death KnightFrostFrost Death Knight3.4%3.9%
ShamanElementalElemental Shaman3.1%3%
ShamanEnhancementEnhancement Shaman2.9%1.9%
Death KnightBloodBlood Death Knight2.9%3.5%
WarriorProtectionProtection Warrior2.6%3.5%
RogueCombatCombat Rogue2.4%2.8%
PaladinProtectionProtection Paladin2.3%3%
MonkMistweaverMistweaver Monk2.1%1.6%
DruidFeralFeral Druid2%2.9%
RogueAssassinationAssassination Rogue2%2.3%
MonkBrewmasterBrewmaster Monk1.8%1.5%
MonkWindwalkerWindwalker Monk1.8%2.6%
Death KnightUnholyUnholy Death Knight1.7%1.8%
DruidGuardianGuardian Druid1.7%1.6%
WarlockAfflictionAffliction Warlock1.7%2.3%
RogueSubtletySubtlety Rogue1.5%1.9%
PriestHolyHoly Priest1.2%1.5%
HunterBeast MasteryBeast Mastery Hunter0.7%5.4%
WarriorArmsArms Warrior0.7%2.7%
WarlockDemonologyDemonology Warlock0.3%2%
MageFireFire Mage0.3%1.9%
HunterSurvivalSurvival Hunter0.1%3.3%

Classes distribution against bosses killed in Mythic mode

Classes distribution history

Dulce vallecillo


They should really fix the rogues thing. Subtlety is actually the most popular spec right now, most rogues with it are usually in combat spec though for dungeons and other trash mobs. Hard to find an actual combat spec'd rogue that builds for Combat stats, most just use the Sub multistrike gear since it's better for cleaves/trashmobs anyways then switch to Sub for the boss unless it's a cleave like Tectus, Heart of the Mountain, and the like.

I knew BM was still the best hunter spec... don't hate the player...
stfu guys

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