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Last Database Update : 13 Oct 2015

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Best PvE Discipline Priests professions

Last Database Update : - Players with 1/13 or more bosses killed in Mythic mode (T18)


Profession % (1+ boss) % (Level 100)
Tailoring Tailoring57.2%17%
Enchanting Enchanting53.2%22.4%
Alchemy Alchemy27%17.4%
Jewelcrafting Jewelcrafting17.8%17%
Herbalism Herbalism13%18.6%
Inscription Inscription12.2%10.6%
Engineering Engineering11.4%19.4%
Mining Mining4.8%29.4%
Blacksmithing Blacksmithing1.4%16.6%
Skinning Skinning1.2%16.8%
Leatherworking Leatherworking0.6%15%
How are computed Global Stats / How can I interpret them ?
The sum is not 100%, why ?

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