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PvE Havoc Demon Hunters builds & glyphs

Last Database Update : - Players with 1/8 or more bosses killed in Mythic mode

Talents details

Blind Fury Blind Fury (31.64%) Demonic Appetite Demonic Appetite (57.04%) Felblade Felblade (11.33%)
Insatiable Hunger Insatiable Hunger (0.8%) Demon Blades Demon Blades (11.27%) Immolation Aura Immolation Aura (87.93%)
Trail of Ruin Trail of Ruin (92.62%) Fel Mastery Fel Mastery (0%) Fel Barrage Fel Barrage (7.38%)
Soul Rending Soul Rending (39.53%) Desperate Instincts Desperate Instincts (2.52%) Netherwalk Netherwalk (57.95%)
Cycle of Hatred Cycle of Hatred (0.34%) First Blood First Blood (99.54%) Dark Slash Dark Slash (0.11%)
Unleashed Power Unleashed Power (63.79%) Master of the Glaive Master of the Glaive (26.2%) Fel Eruption Fel Eruption (10.01%)
Demonic Demonic (99.14%) Momentum Momentum (0.4%) Nemesis Nemesis (0.46%)

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