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PvE Retribution Paladins builds & glyphs

Last Database Update : - Players with 2/11 or more bosses killed in Mythic mode (T20)

Talents details

Final Verdict Final Verdict (97.79%) Execution Sentence Execution Sentence (1.47%) Consecration Consecration (0.75%)
The Fires of Justice The Fires of Justice (40.73%) Zeal Zeal (51.69%) Greater Judgment Greater Judgment (7.58%)
Fist of Justice Fist of Justice (37.76%) Repentance Repentance (22.27%) Blinding Light Blinding Light (39.96%)
Virtue's Blade Virtue's Blade (3.29%) Blade of Wrath Blade of Wrath (76.89%) Divine Hammer Divine Hammer (19.82%)
Justicar's Vengeance Justicar's Vengeance (25.83%) Eye for an Eye Eye for an Eye (60.09%) Word of Glory Word of Glory (14.08%)
Divine Intervention Divine Intervention (55.32%) Cavalier Cavalier (41.73%) Judgment of Light Judgment of Light (2.95%)
Divine Purpose Divine Purpose (1.82%) Crusade Crusade (97.9%) Holy Wrath Holy Wrath (0.22%)

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