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PvE Holy Priests builds & glyphs

Last Database Update : - Players with 1/8 or more bosses killed in Mythic mode

Talents details

Enlightenment Enlightenment (63.36%) Trail of Light Trail of Light (36.26%) Enduring Renewal Enduring Renewal (0.37%)
Angel's Mercy Angel's Mercy (4.49%) Perseverance Perseverance (6.17%) Angelic Feather Angelic Feather (89.35%)
Cosmic Ripple Cosmic Ripple (75.7%) Guardian Angel Guardian Angel (22.99%) Afterlife Afterlife (1.31%)
Psychic Voice Psychic Voice (9.72%) Censure Censure (51.03%) Shining Force Shining Force (39.25%)
Surge of Light Surge of Light (24.11%) Binding Heal Binding Heal (3.18%) Circle of Healing Circle of Healing (72.71%)
Benediction Benediction (15.33%) Divine Star Divine Star (32.71%) Halo Halo (51.96%)
Light of the Naaru Light of the Naaru (10.09%) Apotheosis Apotheosis (23.55%) Holy Word: Salvation Holy Word: Salvation (66.36%)

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