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PvE Outlaw Rogues builds & glyphs

Last Database Update : - Players with 1/8 or more bosses killed in Mythic mode

Talents details

Weaponmaster Weaponmaster (1.79%) Quick Draw Quick Draw (98.21%) Ghostly Strike Ghostly Strike (0%)
Acrobatic Strikes Acrobatic Strikes (98.08%) Retractable Hook Retractable Hook (0.77%) Hit and Run Hit and Run (1.15%)
Vigor Vigor (34.06%) Deeper Stratagem Deeper Stratagem (65.43%) Marked for Death Marked for Death (0.51%)
Iron Stomach Iron Stomach (2.43%) Cheat Death Cheat Death (92.83%) Elusiveness Elusiveness (4.74%)
Dirty Tricks Dirty Tricks (3.46%) Blinding Powder Blinding Powder (0.64%) Prey on the Weak Prey on the Weak (95.9%)
Loaded Dice Loaded Dice (1.41%) Alacrity Alacrity (98.08%) Slice and Dice Slice and Dice (0.51%)
Dancing Steel Dancing Steel (82.59%) Blade Rush Blade Rush (16.01%) Killing Spree Killing Spree (1.41%)

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