Last Database Update : 15 Dec 2017

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PvE Demonology Warlocks builds & glyphs

Last Database Update : - Players with 2/11 or more bosses killed in Mythic mode (T20)

Talents details

Shadowy Inspiration Shadowy Inspiration (47.24%) Shadowflame Shadowflame (2.55%) Demonic Calling Demonic Calling (50.22%)
Impending Doom Impending Doom (14.17%) Improved Dreadstalkers Improved Dreadstalkers (83.96%) Implosion Implosion (1.87%)
Demonic Circle Demonic Circle (68.92%) Mortal Coil Mortal Coil (13.69%) Shadowfury Shadowfury (17.38%)
Hand of Doom Hand of Doom (60.48%) Power Trip Power Trip (38.24%) Soul Harvest Soul Harvest (1.28%)
Demon Skin Demon Skin (48.97%) Burning Rush Burning Rush (39.92%) Dark Pact Dark Pact (11.11%)
Grimoire of Supremacy Grimoire of Supremacy (4.24%) Grimoire of Service Grimoire of Service (83.23%) Grimoire of Synergy Grimoire of Synergy (12.43%)
Summon Darkglare Summon Darkglare (4.42%) Demonbolt Demonbolt (21.9%) Soul Conduit Soul Conduit (73.68%)

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