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Talents details

Discipline Discipline

Castigation Castigation (38.38%) Twist of Fate Twist of Fate (19.27%) Schism Schism (42.36%)
Body and Soul Body and Soul (12.26%) Masochism Masochism (14.81%) Angelic Feather Angelic Feather (72.93%)
Shield Discipline Shield Discipline (0.8%) Mindbender Mindbender (20.54%) Power Word: Solace Power Word: Solace (78.66%)
Psychic Voice Psychic Voice (91.88%) Dominant Mind Dominant Mind (0%) Shining Force Shining Force (8.12%)
Sins of the Many Sins of the Many (62.42%) Contrition Contrition (36.62%) Shadow Covenant Shadow Covenant (0.96%)
Purge the Wicked Purge the Wicked (98.57%) Divine Star Divine Star (1.11%) Halo Halo (0.32%)
Lenience Lenience (95.86%) Luminous Barrier Luminous Barrier (3.82%) Evangelism Evangelism (0.32%)

Holy Holy

Enlightenment Enlightenment (61.54%) Trail of Light Trail of Light (26.92%) Enduring Renewal Enduring Renewal (11.54%)
Angel's Mercy Angel's Mercy (0%) Perseverance Perseverance (23.08%) Angelic Feather Angelic Feather (76.92%)
Cosmic Ripple Cosmic Ripple (19.23%) Guardian Angel Guardian Angel (80.77%) Afterlife Afterlife (0%)
Psychic Voice Psychic Voice (15.38%) Censure Censure (61.54%) Shining Force Shining Force (23.08%)
Surge of Light Surge of Light (88.46%) Binding Heal Binding Heal (3.85%) Circle of Healing Circle of Healing (7.69%)
Benediction Benediction (46.15%) Divine Star Divine Star (38.46%) Halo Halo (15.38%)
Light of the Naaru Light of the Naaru (76.92%) Apotheosis Apotheosis (11.54%) Holy Word: Salvation Holy Word: Salvation (11.54%)

Shadow Shadow

Fortress of the Mind Fortress of the Mind (2.19%) Shadowy Insight Shadowy Insight (85.89%) Shadow Word: Void Shadow Word: Void (11.91%)
Body and Soul Body and Soul (7.84%) San'layn San'layn (6.27%) Intangibility Intangibility (85.89%)
Twist of Fate Twist of Fate (2.19%) Misery Misery (97.18%) Dark Void Dark Void (0.63%)
Last Word Last Word (5.96%) Mind Bomb Mind Bomb (3.76%) Psychic Horror Psychic Horror (90.28%)
Auspicious Spirits Auspicious Spirits (49.84%) Shadow Word: Death Shadow Word: Death (47.65%) Shadow Crash Shadow Crash (2.51%)
Lingering Insanity Lingering Insanity (37.93%) Mindbender Mindbender (60.5%) Void Torrent Void Torrent (1.57%)
Legacy of the Void Legacy of the Void (92.16%) Dark Ascension Dark Ascension (7.52%) Surrender to Madness Surrender to Madness (0.31%)

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